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DC Records Italy and ASKANYA Francesco Cafiso present the new
song project "The fifth element".

With a creative song composition, a professional recording and a peace message sung by the school children, this new project will make the music a vehicle for solidarity between children living in different social, cultural and economic conditions.

The registration in the school of the voices of the students who want to sing and the participation in the video recording involve them also supporting them and their families concretely, because the 50% of all the project incomes will be donated to the families of the neediest children who attend the school.

Transparence policy

This document can be viewed online as an integral part of the economic transparency documents that DC Records Italy makes available to the public.
There will be a maximum transparency in the project movements, making public all the economic reports, in this way everyone can verify the correctness in the management of the entire project and also all the families interested in the aid can personally verify the revenues dedicated to them.

Clik for download the recording contract, aviable for the DC Records trasparency policy:


Clik for download the terms integration for the contract in according with American law on donation and charity:


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